About our company

Welcome to Harekar Group, an entity specializing in security services while excelling in civil works, fuel transport, and general trading. Since our establishment in Erbil in 2008, we’ve forged a robust presence within the industry, delivering a diverse range of services.

At Harekar Group, our primary focus lies in providing top-notch security solutions across the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI). Our expertise spans various security domains, including Static Security, Mobile Security, K9 Security Dogs, and Armored Vehicles. Alongside security services, we leverage our capabilities in civil works, bringing expertise in construction and infrastructure development.

Operating across strategic locations in Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, and Duhok, our network of offices and operational centers not only serves as hubs for training but also as robust support systems for upcoming security contracts. This proactive approach underscores our dedication to delivering comprehensive and forward-thinking solutions within the industry.

Our success is a testament to the dedicated team of local and expatriate professionals at Harekar Group. With over 85 significant security contracts and 130+ vehicle rental agreements within KRI, our diverse workforce of over 1000 employees further emphasizes our commitment to being a comprehensive service provider.

At Harekar Group, we take pride in our distinction as a leading entity known for our expertise in security services, civil works, and fuel transport. With an unwavering commitment to safety and excellence, we continually strive to innovate and lead in all our endeavors.

What Matters to Us

At Harekar Group, our foundation is built on the profound significance we attribute to our clients and employees. They stand as the cornerstone of our success and integral to our identity as a service-oriented entity.

Our clients are more than just partners; they are the focal point of our dedication. Understanding their unique needs and challenges fuels our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that surpass expectations. We prioritize building enduring relationships based on trust, reliability, and a deep understanding of their requirements. The success and satisfaction of our clients drive our unwavering dedication to excellence.

Our employees form the heartbeat of Harekar Group. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment contribute significantly to our success. We value our diverse team and prioritize their well-being, professional growth, and empowerment. Encouraging a collaborative and inclusive environment enables us to harness the collective strength of our workforce. We invest in training, mentorship, and opportunities for advancement, recognizing that our employees’ success is intertwined with our organizational success.

Our core values encompass integrity, excellence, diversity, innovation, client-centricity, and safety. These principles guide every decision and action we take. We foster a culture that values honesty, professionalism, and a relentless pursuit of improvement. By prioritizing these values, we ensure that both our clients and employees experience the highest standards of service, reliability, and care.

We believe in the power of collaboration. Through a collaborative approach, we align our goals with those of our clients, fostering a partnership that extends beyond services. Internally, collaboration cultivates a dynamic environment where diverse perspectives drive innovation and continuous improvement.

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